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Chinese Foreign Ministry denied that Google mail hacking

Apple recently released a new policy to prohibit the use of third party promotions iPad, iPhone and iPhone Gift Card (Gift Card), designed to protect the company's brand value.
Apple in the latest "third-party marketing guide," said:
Prohibit third parties to use in their promotional activities iPad, iPhone and iPhone gift card.
iPod touch is only allowed in certain circumstances to participate in activities, but not less than the minimum order quantity 250.
Without permission, not on the website, products, packaging, manuals, promotional / publicity materials widely used on the official Apple Myriad Set font.
Prohibits the use of Apple products introduced in word "free".
Apple products in the promotion, all promotional materials to be submitted to Apple for review.
Insiders said that a similar requirement for enterprises is a normal behavior, but Apple's new rules more stringent, meaning that Apple is stepping up control of their brand.

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