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Shenzhen Shenhaicineng Technology Co.,Ltd
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 Shenzhen Shenhaicineng Technology Co.,Ltd has always been adhering to the deep magnetic energy [technology innovation, excellent quality] for the purpose, to create and develop the electromagnetic induction heating technology with leading international technology standard commercial high-power induction, granulator electromagnetic energy-saving heating, injection molding machine, drawing machine, abrasive furnace, oil pipelines, energy-saving ovens, aluminum silicate, paraffin heaters and other kinds of electromagnetic energy-saving heating equipment. And has been in the country a good promotion.
 We have a good production environment, advanced production facilities, test equipment and production technology, perfect testing methods and quality management system, ready to provide you with superior products and services perfection. With a number of middle and senior technical titles composed of strong research management team for the protection, use our talents for you to develop full-featured, easy to operate high-tech, energy-efficient products.
 Our products are closely tracking the latest technology, productivity is the core technology has its own electromagnetic energy-saving heating equipment for industrial suppliers, the movement of electromagnetic induction heating equipment manufacturers, industrial transformation of the electromagnetic energy-saving heating company, and strive to achieve the quality of innovation, we strive to technology devoted to products, but also a professional energy-saving, environmental protection technology to create the future. Energy saving from now, start here!

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